The club Snooker Room has quite a history to it and is available for play to all Members and Associates aged 21 or over.

Junior Associates may only play if accompanied by a a Member or Associate over 21 years of age.

The age old myth that there is a rule preventing women from using the Snooker Room has been well and truely debunked and there are now a number of women who have taken up the game.

There are tournaments organised for Single and Doubles and all eligible members are encouraged to enter these.

The key to the Snooker Room is kept behind the Bar and must be signed for when picked up.

Winter 2017/2018 Competitions

Snooker Report Stephen Smith Oct 2018

Despite perceptions, there is an extremely lively snooker community within the club, whose many players revel in the surroundings of one of the most splendidly ornate snooker rooms on the island.

The 2017/18 club tournaments have concluded, with Jeff Flannigan storming to lift the singles title and the all-conquering Graham Hardy and Robin McKelvey securing the Doubles.

Snooker winners


After a forced absence from club snooker for many years, Flannigan’s return first witnessed him defeat Garth Lindsay, then Garth Beattie before meeting Graham Hardy in the semi-final of the singles.  In a tight
contest Flannigan overcame Hardy in a black ball fight to progress to the final.

The singles final saw Flannigan go head-to-head against his doubles partner Stephen Smith, who had despatched defending champion Frank Shivers, Chris Murray and Robin McKelvey en route to the final. Having not beaten Smith all year it looked an impossible task for Flannigan, but the tables of form were turned, with Flannigan storming to a 3-0 victory and lifting the singles title for a second time.   

The doubles tournament lived up to expectations, with tightly fought matches during all rounds, the final witnessing Graham Hardy and Robin McKelvey meeting the old foes Flannigan/Smith. With Graham Hardy potting a long black to secure victory in the first frame and solid safety play from McKelvey throughout the second, the duo triumphed 2-0 to lift the doubles title for the first time as a team.   

Given the player handicap system which is revised annually, the RUYC snooker competitions usually make for tight contests but more importantly ensure great camaraderie between players.

Entries are now sought for the next competition which will begin in late October. Members will find entry forms on the club noticeboards or can enter by emailing the Snooker Convenor

The Snooker Conveyor would like to thank the previous incumbent Alan Lambert for his guidance and wise counsel in this the first tournament since he retired from his many years of snooker service to the club.      

Stephen Smith