snooker girls.jpgThe club Snooker Room has quite a history to it and is available for play to all Members and Associates aged 21 or over.

Junior Associates may only play if accompanied by a a Member or Associate over 21 years of age.

The age old myth that there is a rule preventing women from using the Snooker Room has been well and truely debunked and there are now a number of women who have taken up the game.

There are tournaments organised for Single and Doubles and all eligible members are encouraged to enter these.

The key to the Snooker Room is kept behind the Bar and must be signed for when picked up.

Winter 2017/2018 Competitions

Entries are now open for 2017 RUYC Snooker Championships. Played over the winter months, the annual tournament takes the format of a singles and doubles competition. New snooker convenor Stephen Smith stresses both tournaments are open to all club members with each player or doubles partners awarded a handicap to ensure a keen competition. To enter simply email Stephen (by clicking here) ( stating your name and telephone number. Entries will also be collected via the club noticeboard and will close on 16 September with all players notified of the draw.

Stephen Smith