Flower Arranging

Easter Flowers.jpg

Flower arranging is also a social gathering and members meet regularly for a meal together. At present, the club made up of eight women are responsible for decorating RUYC with floral arrangements. The striking floral designs in the hall and Ladies’ Cloakroom are changed fortnightly and the rest of the club is decorated for special occasions.  This is a time consuming undertaking for such a small group and more members are desperately needed.

The group meets twice per year to decide on a rota (August and January), review the previous few months and make decisions about flower arranging in the future months.

You don’t have to be a formal arranger to help decorate RUYC.  If you love the beauty of flowers there are so many ways you could help at no financial cost to yourself. Importantly, being part of this group is a lot of fun.


For more information contact: Brenda Lindsay by e-mail - lindsay947@btinternet.com