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Committee Members Sought

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It is hard to believe that we are almost reaching the end of another Club year with the AGM taking place next month on Saturday 23rd November.  As usual, in accordance with Club Rules, a number of vacancies will occur on General Committee and the various Sub-Committees, these need to be filled.  If you have, or you know of another Member who has the time and skills to contribute to the running of the Club, then please speak to one of the Officers.

The Club is heavily dependent for its smooth operation and the organisation of its activities on all those Members who so generously and willingly volunteer their services.  Our sincere thanks are due to them, but the more Members who are involved then obviously the burden is more evenly shared.

Rule 16 (b) of the Club Rules permits any Member, other than a Junior, Outport, or Temporary Associate, to be elected as a member of the General Committee.

Maurice Butler - Rear Commodore

Autumn and Winter Events

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Details of autumn and early winter entertainment are now on the Social section of the web site including three more quiz nights and three Club Night talks.  Please note the Club Nights are now on the first Wednesday of each month.

Snippets from Club History - 1919

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A few snippets gleaned from Ed Wheeler's Pictorial History of the Club.

1919 - The Club was attempting to resume a semblance of pre-war activities.  The Minutes show good co-operation with the Ballyholme Sailing Club (not yet Ballyholme Yacht Club) in the matter of starting guns, co-ordination of fixtures etc.  This is Ballyholme YC's Centenary Year - long may the good co-operation contiunue!

Coastguard Channels Changed

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From Wednesday 6 September 2017 the Coastguard will no longer broadcast on VHF 23, 84 and 86. It will instead use VHF 62, 63 and 64. The use of VHF Channel 10 for MSI and pollution control (back up) is unchanged.

There is more information on the changes on the RYA web site: Click Here