Flowers in RUYC

Posted: 8/9/2016

It’s official! According to Rutgers University’s scientists ‘Flowers are a source of pleasure – a positive emotion inducer – flowers make people happy.’

Does placing a bunch of flowers in a vase make you happy? If so, your club needs you. RUYC has a very small group of members who ensure the club house is decorated with flowers regularly but it is becoming more difficult to sustain this. The group desperately needs more members particularly for special events. You don’t need to be able to ‘arrange’ flowers formally in oasis – just want to put them in a vase and enjoy them.

Being a member of this group is rewarding, fun and an effective way of meeting more club members at no expense to yourself. We’d love you to join us and remember - if Rutgers University is right - with your help, we could see more happy people in RUYC

If you are interested please contact Brenda Lindsay (07412 214828) or by e mail at

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