List of Boat Owners

Posted: 18/1/2016

The Saiing Secretary maintains a list of Boat Owners in the Club and it is important that this is kept up to date.


We would ask any boat owners who have sold their boat during the winter or anyone who has now acquired one to let us know so the list can be updated.


We need: Owner(s) names, Boat Name, Sail Number, Boat Make and Model, Home Port, whether Racing-Cruising-Motor Cruising-Other.  These details will not only keep the list updated but also allow us to tailor our communications more effectively.

Of course, if your boat details change during the year, please remember to update us accordingly

Please e-mail Sailing Secretary Robin McKelvey or leave a written note in my pigeon hole beside the Club Office.


Thank You

Robin McKelvey - Hon Sailing Secretary

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