COVID Passports.

Posted: 23/11/2021

Covid-19 vaccine passports are coming down the line for hospitality venues in Northern Ireland, this will apply to RUYC. The regulations are expected to go live on November 29th with a two week grace period before the certificate scheme will become mandatory on December 13th. 

Their use will see people providing a passport or proof of a negative lateral flow test result to access venues like nightclubs, pubs and restaurants and clubs. We expect more guidance from Government in the coming days. The first date from our point of view is Tuesday 30th November and the first major event challenge is the Children's Christmas party on 5th December.

The Committee has decided to make maximum use of this period as a logistical learning curve leading into full implementation so, you will be asked to produce proof of vaccination or negative PCR test from 30th November as a condition of entry. 

it is reasonable to assume that the majority of our members are at least double vaccinated and the most effective method of proving this is to download the certificate onto a smartphone.

To get on the pathway go to the NI Direct website and follow the instructions.

This is an entirely new situation for our staff so please be patient and expect more communication on this subject.

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