Planning Application - Seacliff Road

Posted: 25/11/2019

In any letter of objection it is important to quote the planning reference and say that your letter relates to the Amended Application:-

“Ref. LA06/2018/1392/F

Re. Objection to Amended Planning Application

for 196, Seacliff Road, Bangor.”

It may be helpful to list a number of points on which the Club has grounded its objection and the full letter may be viewed by Members on line on the Planning Portal Website.

1. That it is a very restricted site and the Application represents a total over-development of the site.  The proposed density is six times the average for the Area of Townscape Character in which it is located.

2. That the whole design and materials are completely out of character for the area particularly for such a prominent site on our heritage seafront.   The design is far more like what one would expect to see in an inner city location for instance like London.

3. That the site physically adjoins the grounds of RUYC which is a Grade B+ Listed Building and the proposed development would materially damage its special setting.

4. That it is a particularly sensitive site because it is situated at a corner of the junction of Seacliff Road and Ward Avenue which the design totally fails to address in appropriate terms generally and especially as regards its excessive four storeys in height and being built almost right out to the edge of the road in Ward Avenue. 

5. That it appears to infringe the established building line in Seacliff Road rather insensitively at the very corner with Ward Avenue.

6. That it will create a dangerous precedent for the treatment future planning applications in the area leading to more similar unacceptable developments radically changing the character of our area substantially for the worse. 


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