Annual General Meeting 2015

Posted: 30/11/2015

The routine business of a Club's AGM passed off without much problem on Saturday and with just a few amendments to the printed versions, the Annual Report and Accounts were approved.

This is just a brief summary of the changes carried by the meeting:

  • The proposal not to increase the Inport Members' subscription was approved by the meeting. The subscription for the incoming year remains at £515 if paid by 1st February and £567 if paid after 1st February. This subscription rate sets the amounts for all other categories of membership which are calculated as a percentage of the Inport subscription.
  • There is a new, reduced level of Entrance Fee for Inport, Inport Associate and Outport Associate catergories. (Schedule 5, Rule 23(a) Entrance Fees)
  • The phased tiered percentage rates for Intermediate Associate subsriptions has been extended to age 34. (Rule 13 and Schedule 5, Intermediate Associates)
  • Subject to the approval of General Committee, Sub-Committees may now include Associate Members. (Rule 28 Associates on Sub-Committees)
  • Subject to the approval of General Committee Associates may now sit on the Sailing Committee (Rules 33 Sailing Committee)
  • As  an addition to Rule 16 Rights and Restrictions, a new paragraph setting out the rules governing the flying of the Club's defaced blue ensign.
  • The Membership Sub Committee scope widened to allow the inclusion of past or current members of the General Committee who have not been flag officers.

 The following were elected to office by the meeting:

Vice Commodore: Myles Lindsay

Rear Commodore: Gregg Taylor

Sailing Secretary: Robin McKelvey

Hon Treasurer: Phil Davis

Hon Secretary: Des McDowell

The members elected to General Committee are: Jim Coffey, Adam Curry, Richard Donnan, John Furney, Fiona Hicks, Paul Megarity, Alan Nocher, John Rainey, Ed Wheeler 



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