Annual Prize Giving Winners

Posted: 10/11/2015

The Annual Prize Giving Dinner last Saturday was a lively affair with the Dining Room full and more crews seated in the Front Bar. 

The prize trophies and cups were beautifully handed out by Suzi Clegg and each winner warmly embraced.  Roger Clegg, Sailing Secretary, proposed the Toast to the Competitors.  Phil Davis, owner of Giggle, gave the reply to the Toast entertaining us with a summary of the good, the bad and the frankly daft episodes that made up the sailing season. 

The full list of prize winners is below. Special Trophies were awarded to: The Robin Fielden Memorial Trophy to John Gunning, Stephen Polly and David Kelso (pic left) owners of RS Elite Storm for wining their class at Dun Laoghaire Regatta Week and finishing third at the British Nationals. The Erica Donaghey-Jaggers Trophy was once again presented to the NIRKRA Class and was won by Garth Lindsay and crew in Jonathan Star.  Paul and Emma Prentice’s Squawk won the Cariad Trophy as overall Sigma 33 Class winner.


IRC Unrestricted 1st Giggle P Davis Henderson Cup
SIGMA 33 1st Squawk P Prentice Donnan Cup
  2nd Starshine B Allen Challenger
  3rd Cariad G Bell  
CYCA Whitesail 1st Ocean Tramp R & S Clegg Atlantic Fleet
  2nd Mingulay J & M Ritchie Cup
  3rd Margarita J Moorehead  
 NHC Unrestricted 1st Margarita J Moorehead   Merrymaid 1
  2nd Ocean Tramp R & S Clegg Rosebowl
  3rd Mingulay  J & M Ritchie  
NIRKRA 1st Qtpi J Coffey Inglis Cup
  2nd Jonathan Star G Lindsay  
  3rd Manzanita D Milne  
Laser 1st   C Boyd Glen Perpetual
  2nd   M Kimber Challenge Cup
  3rd   R Kirk  
Waverley 1st Ivanhoe J McCrea Connor Cup
  2nd Fair Maid B Gouk  
  3rd Nigel A & B Elsaesser  
Large Dinghy 1st   S Halliwell   Midge Rosebowl  


IRC 1st She of the North K Halliwell  Guinness Trophy
  2nd Giggle P Davis  
  3rd Mingulay J & M Ritchie  


IRC Unrestricted 1st She of the North K Halliwell  Ailsa Craig Trophy
  2nd Giggle P Davis  
  3rd Mingulay J & M Ritchie  


IRC  1st She of the North K Halliwell  Hugh Kelly Cup
  2nd Indigo R & P Donnan  
  3rd Giggle P Davis  


IRC  1st She of the North K Halliwell  Portpatrick Cup
  2nd Mingulay J & M Ritchie  
  3rd Giggle P Davis  

CYCA 1st Steel Pulse D McMullan Thomas Lipton Cup
  2nd Mandolin Wind T Weston  
  3rd Enigma Curry/Wilde/Nixey  
NHC 1st Cariad G Bell  King George V Rosebowl
  2nd Margarita J Moorehead  
  3rd Mumbo Jumbo West-Hurst/Moran/Storey  


IRC 1st She of the North K Halliwell  Mystery Bowl
  2nd Giggle P Davis  
  3rd Mingulay J & M Ritchie  


Robin Fielden Memorial Trophy

Storm - Gunning, Kelso, Polly

Sharman Crawford Trophy

Giggle – P Davis

Erica Donaghey Jaggers Perpetual Trophy

Jonathan Star – G Lindsay

Sigma 33 Cariad Trophy

Squawk – P Prentice

Whitesail CYCA Prince of Wales Rosebowl

Mingulay - J & M Ritchie 


T Oscar Rollins (Spring Series)
Templeton Robinson (RUYC Regatta)
Feedwell (Thursday Points & Portpatrick Race) 
Todd Navigation (Ailsa Craig Race)

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