Special General Meeting

Posted: 5/10/2017

Message to Members re SGM 14th October 2017

The Special General Meeting held on Saturday night was well attended with over 120 people crowded into the Gloucester Room with overflows onto the landing and into the Lipton Room.  Loudspeakers were positioned to enable attendees to hear what was being said in the main room. The debate was, as usual, of a high standard and respectful, even though some of the proposals were controversial and some of the opinions were clearly held with passion.

Votes to change the Club Rules must be passed by a majority of 3 to 2.  Given the large number of members attending, it was decided the voting should be done on a comprehensive voting card and counted after the meeting had concluded. This meant that the result could not be made available at the meeting itself, but can now be communicated to you.

All the proposals were passed, except those to reduce the annual subscriptions for the first two years after a new member joins the Club. This means that henceforward:

• Associates (other than Junior and Temporary Associates) can now attend the AGM or any future SGM and vote.  Full Members (Inport, Senior and Honorary) will in future have two votes.

• All Associates other than Outport, Junior and Temporary Associates can now stand for election onto the General Committee and as Officers.

• The joining fee has been reduced to nil.

• The Direct Debit surcharge will be abolished, making it easier for members to pay their annual subscriptions by direct debit.

• The annual subscription rates will be revised to reduce the burden on Inport Members.

• Tipping will now be permissible in the Club.


This marks a further step in the modernisation of our Club. In particular, it is hoped that the Associate population will embrace this new opportunity to become engaged at the highest levels in the running of our Club.

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