Posted: 19/7/2017

Congratulations to the 144 people who have downloaded the RUYC App, from California in the west to South Korea in the east and as far south as Wellington, New Zealand.  A few statistics of interest:  of the downloads, 98 are iOS and 46 Android.  Over 200 views have been recorded for the Tide Tables and over 330 for the More section which covers the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The YouTube channel has also had quite a few views.

To further enhance the benefits of the App we would now like all members who have downloaded it to register.  You can do this by tapping just above the ‘er’ of the word Ulster on the first menu page. Tap on Log In and then on Register.  As the App is available for anyone to download, registering will enable the Club to reach only members for Notifications and Offers.

We would encourage all members who are using the App to share it with other members as the wider the member involvement the greater benefit it is to both Club and members.

To add even more interest, we would welcome suitable photographs and videos as well as news of members competing or cruising in home waters and beyond.  News and reports of cruising destinations are always welcome for adding to the web site.  Send any contributions to:

Thank You

Judith and Fiona

App Admins


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