Sir Thomas Lipton (1848-1931)

Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, 1st Baronet, KVCO was a self-made man, merchant, and yachtsman. He created the Lipton tea brand and was the most persistent challenger in the history of the America’s Cup.

King Edward VII and King George V both shared their interest in yachting with Lipton and enjoyed his company. Between 1899 and 1930 he challenged the American holders of the America’s Cup through Royal Ulster Yacht Club five times with his yachts called Shamrock through Shamrock V.

His well publicised efforts to win the cup, which earned him a specially designed cup for "the best of all losers", made his tea brand famous in the U.S.

As a self-made man Lipton, however, was no natural member of the British upper class and the Royal Yacht Squadron only admitted him shortly before his death. Lipton was inducted into the America’s Cup Hall of Fame in 1993.

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